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July 9th, 2006 + 5:07 AM  ·  PBSFM

As you know, community radio exists so that people can listen to music they may not hear on commercial radio. Another thing you may know is that community radio stations are mostly not-for-profit organisations and very rarely have corporate funding therefore they rely on sponsorship, subscriptions and community support. PBS FM 106.7 is a community radio station based in Melbourne, Australia and we would really appreciate your involvement.

Please support PBS FM by going to our website pbsfm.org.au.

Become a member of the site, free of charge to gain access to a number of useful features, and to be in to win giveaways like CDs, DVDs, gig tickets etc. You can also subscribe to the PBS newsletter to keep up-to-date with PBS and music news.

There are a number of awesome shows on PBS 106.7FM devoted to what you want. Not even sure if you still even own a radio? Don’t live in Melbourne? Don’t fear, the wonders of modern technology allow you to stream PBS 106.7FM live, wherever you may be. Click here to go to the Webcast.

It is our hope that PBS is a joyous, adventurous and educational experience that turns you on to music that's eternally cool, and provides real alternative to manufactured notions of what's "hip" in the increasingly corporate musical mainstream Finally, you can help PBS FM and the community by spreading the word. Help save your friends from a world of high repetition commercial radio and introduce them to a true alternative. They will discover a music scene they never new existed.

Check out the PBS Myspace HQ www.myspace.com/pbsfm. For more information go to http://pbsfm.org.au/ or send us an email at info@pbsfm.org.au.
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